CAS 1490-04-6 Menthol DL-Menthol 99%


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【Product Name】Menthol
[Product description] Menthol is extracted from the leaves and stems of peppermint. It is a white crystal and is the main component of peppermint and peppermint essential oils. Both menthol and racemic menthol can be used as toothpaste; flavoring agent such as perfume. This product is a saturated cyclic alcohol obtained from mint oil. Also known as menthol.
[Product specification] 25KG/drum
[Product Properties] This product is colorless needle-like or prismatic crystals or white crystalline powder; it has a special aroma of mint, and it tastes hot at first and then cools down; the ethanol solution shows a neutral reaction.
Physical and chemical properties: mint smell and taste, melting point 41-43°, boiling point 212°, d0.890, n25/D 1.458 (ethanol). slightly soluble in water,
Soluble in ethanol, chloroform, ether and petroleum ether, easily soluble in glacial acetic acid.
【CAS No.】89-78-1
【Molecular formula】C10H20O
【Product use】Used for making cooling oil, toothpaste, tooth powder, spices, etc.
[Usage and Dosage] 0.02~0.1g, mostly put into tablets for buccal administration; or put into spirits, ointments, and apply to the affected area for external use.
[shelf life] 2 years
[Package] sealed, moisture-proof, pollution-free, sterile cardboard drum or aluminum foil packaging (25 kg/drum)

CAS 1490-04-6 Menthol DL-Menthol 99%
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